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White Embossed Pet And Wp Nonwoven Wipes

Product Details:
Technical Data SheetComposition: 50% Wood pulp +50% Polyester
Weight Range: 55gsm-80gsm
Finished Packing:Single-sheet bag&Quarter fold&Pop-up&Jumbo Roll
Color: White
Pattern: Y2 Dupont Pattern&Y11 Crepe Pattern
Features1. Silicone-free,Eco-Friendly
2. High water and oil absorbency.
3. Good tensile and abrasion resistance
4. Low linting material,nolint after wiping
5. Solvent resistant
6. Special material and reusable nature.
ApplicationThis degreasing cloth can be used with all modern water-based and conventional solvent degreasers and silicone-removers.
V-series is made of spunlace nonwoven process, which don't contain any silicone, binders, filers or other chemical additives.
Wiping the seriously contaminated equipments and parts.
Pepairing and maintaining the equipments of the production line.
Surface treatment combining with the solvent.
Cleaning the rough surface,ideal for cleanroom wiping.
Maintaining the automotive and cleaning the surface before painting.
Wiping the users themselves.

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