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HV70 Cheap Natural Fiber Washcloth And Dishcloth Manufacturer

HV70 Cheap Natural Fiber Washcloth And Dishcloth Manufacturer
JEENOR*HV70 cloth are made of ceulose and popyester material by using Spunlace technology, strong like a cloth to replace assorted rags. This material can be reusable even in wet condition. Color coded wipes to be used in different places,which can reduce cross-infection.
Product Details:

Item Name: HV70 Cheap natural fiber washcloth and dishcloth

Product Description:


♦This wipes are made from special weave cloth. 50%Natural fiber and 50%polyester Spunlace Non woven cloth

The double action holes enable to easily pick up dirt and food particles and allow for the cloth to be hygienically rinsed for use over and overagain.
♦This wipes are, soft and supple, low lint, highly absorbent,easy and comfortable to use, hygiene.
♦Effectively picks up dirt and dust.Washes easily,
♦Economical prices to treat as a disposable wipes



♦The wipes are great for washing up, cleaning kitchen appliances.                                

♦The wipes can be used around the bathroom, laundry and even on the car.
♦The wipes can be used such places, kitchen, catering, hotel, restaurants, food processing industry, janitorial application and fast food shop.
♦Surface treatment combining with the solvent.
♦Cleaning the rough surface.





HV7035R-300500-600JRJumbo Roll300x500mmred600pcs/roll
HV7035Or-300500-600JRJumbo Roll300x500mmOrange600pcs/roll
HV7035B-300500-600JRJumbo Roll300x500mmblue600pcs/roll
HV7035G-300500-600JRJumbo Roll300x500mmgreen600pcs/roll









Company Information

Who we are

Zhejiang Jeenor New Material Co.,Ltd. is specialized in the production of non-woven materials and related converting cleaning products, founded in 2008 in Hangzhou,China.


What we can do 

Based on rich technical strength and diversified equipment arrangement,Jeenor can do a series of non-woven products.Especially,we’re good at polypropylene&wood pulp spun lace and polyester&wood pulp spun lace nonwoven fabric.Our products mainly involves Non woven roll materials,Paper Wipers,Industrial Non woven Wipers,Household Wipes,Medical wipes,Microfiber cloth,Spill Absorbents products,Dispensers and Protective items. 


Where we are

Our factories are located in Fuyang district, Hangzhou and Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou.

Hangzhou is a beautiful, rich and vigorous land.It is close to Shanghai and Ningbo Port with convenient transportation and shipment.





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