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Scrubby Finished Polypropylene Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric

Product Details:
Scrub Wipes
CompositionWT10:100% polypropylene(PP); WT20:PP+ES; WT30:PP; WT50:Woodpulp+PP; WT70:Viscose+polyester+PP
Workable width range100mm-2100mm
Range of basic weightWT10/WT20:30gsm-90gsm;WT30:35gsm-90gsm;WT50:55gsm-135gsm,WT70:45gsm-90gsm
PatternPlain,square dot,Leopard,Scrub,Circle
Features1.High efficient of water and oil absorption capacity and high effictive detergent ability.
2.Highly tear resistant,strong and durable
3.No lint after wiping
4.Solvent resistant
5.Super soft,reusable
Application1.Wiping the heavy oil dirt in the production environment
2.Surface treatment with solvent,Used as wet wipes.
3.Maintaining and caring machine tools and large equipments
4.Cleaning various leaked inks
5.Wiping the users themselves
6.Cleaning the screen boards

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