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Woven Fabrics, Knitted Fabrics, And Non Woven Fabrics
Jan 21, 2017

For clothing and textile fabrics can be divided into three categories: woven fabric (woven) fabric, knitted fabric and non-woven fabric. The first two are woven by the yarn or filament weaving process, the latter is a textile fiber by adhesion, fusion or other mechanical and chemical processing.

1, - woven fabric warp and weft interwoven together to form vertical fabric. The basic org

anization has Tabby, twill, satin, woven fabric which is by the three basic organization and by its phase change structure.

2, knitted fabric with knitting yarn or filament will constitute the coil, the coil string together, because the coil structure characteristics of knitted fabrics, more yarn storage unit within the length, therefore have very good elasticity (which is the fundamental reason for knitting clothing samples are relatively simple, stitch must be flexible).

Knitted fabric can be divided into weft knitted fabric knitted fabrics with two kinds of.

The weft knitted fabric is the yarn by feeding weft yarns, the same order bent into a circle and string, we are the most common sweater for weft knitted fabric.

Warp coil string set coincides with the direction of the weft is on the contrary, a group or several groups of parallel yarn, according to the Fed, bent into a circle and string.

Is a knitting yarn, woven weft yarn is two, the simplest way is if there is a fabric that is woven edges.