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Working Principle And Maintenance Of Industrial Paper Wipers
Jul 12, 2017

Working principle and maintenance of Industrial Paper Wipers

Wiper is also known as wiper, water washing, industrial paper, windscreen wiper wiper or brush is used to shave their attached to the vehicle windshield rain and dust equipment, to improve the visibility of the driver, to increase driving safety. Because of the law, almost everywhere cars have wipers. The rear Windows of the hatchback and suvs are also equipped with windshield wipers. In addition to cars, other means of transport are also equipped with wipers, such as trains and trams. Some engineering equipment, such as cranes, also equipped with wipers. Let's take a look at how the Industrial Paper Wipers works.

Industrial Paper Wipers: basic introduction

Scientific name of windscreen Wiper (Windshield wipers), refers to the installation in front of the windscreen chip structure, composed of motor, reducer, four bar linkage, spindle, Wiper blade, Wiper arm assembly and so on, main effect is cleaning the Windshield block line of sight of snow, rain and dust. The intermittent flexible Industrial Paper Wipers is adjusted by the driver according to the rain and the condition of sight. Unlike the other common car windshield wipers, it can automatically lift and scrape the speed of the brush according to the change in speed. Because in the same amount of rain, the faster the speed of the car, the more rain the onus will face, and if the stop, the speed of the wiper reduces the noise.

Industrial Paper Wipers: operating principle

The power source of the Industrial Paper Wipers comes from the motor, which is the core of the entire Industrial Paper Wipers system. The quality of the Industrial Paper Wipers motor is quite high. It adopts the dc permanent magnet motor, and the Industrial Paper Wipers motor is installed in the front windshield. It is generally integrated with worm gear and worm machinery parts. The function of worm gear mechanism is to decelerate the torsion, its output shaft drives the four-bar linkage mechanism, and the continuous rotation movement is changed to the movement of left and right oscillation through the four-bar linkage mechanism.

The Industrial Paper Wipers motor adopts 3 brush structure to facilitate speed change. The intermittent time is controlled by the intermittent relay, and the charging and discharging function of the contact and relay resistance capacitance of the motor can be used to clean the Industrial Paper Wipers in a certain period. The blade of the Industrial Paper Wipers is a tool to remove rain and dirt from the glass directly. The strip strip is pressed to the glass surface by the spring strip, and its lip must be aligned with the glass Angle to achieve the desired performance.

In general, there is Industrial Paper Wipers control knob on the car combination switch handle, with three stalls of low speed, high speed and intermittent. The top of the handle is the washer button switch, press the switch to have the washing water squirt, and the Industrial Paper Wipers scrubber to clean the windshield. The scrubber system is a very common device in the car. It consists of water storage tank, water pump, water pipe and water jet. The storage tank is generally 1.5 ~ 2 litres plastic tank, water pump is a kind of miniature electric centrifugal pump, through it will lose to the water tank washing water mouth, after 2 ~ 4 the extrusion of water jet washing water into a tiny jet spray to the windshield, cooperate with industrial paper clean windshield wiper.

Industrial Paper Wipers: wiper control system

Wiper control system can realize the delay control of wiper and other complicated control system. Electronic control system includes a two-speed motor and two limit switches, through a lever switch can realize the following functions: clean, wiper, high-speed, low-speed wiper, wiper intermittent wiper and time delay control. The complex electronic control system can also realize the positive pressure control and rainfall induction control.

Industrial Paper Wipers: use method

On rainy days, when the raindrops fell on the Windows of the car Windows, the sight of the car in front of the car quickly got in the way, and the cars, the pedestrians and the landscape became blurred. At this point, the Industrial Paper Wipers is opened, and the front of the car will be clear. If it is raining on a rainy day, it is very bad for the safety of the car if it is not working properly without the use of Industrial Paper Wiperss or Industrial Paper Wiperss.

(1) before heavy rain, it is necessary to check whether the Industrial Paper Wipers can work properly.

(2) the rain day, fast and big rain on the wind window, even faster Industrial Paper Wipers movement, also hard to scrape the raindrops, causing the driver's line of sight, in order to ensure safety, should be stopped immediately.