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What Should You Pay Attention To For Nonwoven Fabrics Wallpaper
Jul 04, 2017

What should you pay attention to for Nonwoven Fabrics wallpaper

Whether to buy something, all want to look for the brand, in terms of selection of Nonwoven Fabrics wallpaper can also want to notice the quality guaranteed, so in the purchase of which need to pay attention to details and how to choose and buy?


The texture is soft, not as hard as PVC, and not as crisp as a paper, so it can be touched to see if the surface is rough and soft.


You can use water droplets on top of it, because the normal wallpaper is made up of plant fiber, and breathability is very good, so it won't be long before the water droplets can penetrate the wallpaper.

Tear division

You can tear off a small Angle on it, and if you see a fibrous opening, it's the normal wallpaper.

The selection method of Nonwoven Fabrics wallpaper is mentioned here, and I hope to give you some help and guidance in the selection.

Now on the market, many different kinds of Nonwoven Fabrics fabric, in order to achieve a more intuitive and more smooth handle, developed the film laminating of such process, created a film Nonwoven Fabrics Nonwoven Fabrics fabric etc. Meet the demand of different people.

Nonwoven Fabrics fabrics in the consumer when there is no other attachment processing technology, in order to product demand may request information diversity and some special function, can processing Nonwoven Fabrics raw materials, on the basis of processing in the form of different produces different craft, the film coating and film is like Nonwoven Fabrics Nonwoven Fabrics compare common process.

First: Nonwoven Fabrics fabric of professional machine plastic film is used to heat a liquid, then after the machine to put these plastic liquid poured on Nonwoven Fabrics one side or both sides, one side of the machine has a drying system, can put the a layer of water the good plastic liquid cooling, drying out film Nonwoven Fabrics thus consumption.

Second: Nonwoven Fabrics fabric coated with Nonwoven Fabrics fabric laminating machine, through the advanced large machines to buy rolls of plastic film and Nonwoven Fabrics composite together directly, is coated Nonwoven Fabrics fabrics. It can be seen that the difference between the coating and the film of the Nonwoven Fabrics fabric is that the consumption process and the original data are different, and the appearance and effect of the waste products are the same.

Nonwoven Fabrics wallpaper has good air permeability:

1. If it is in enclosed space, Nonwoven Fabrics fabric wallpaper can be diffused through air to diffuse air, and no bubbles, warped edges, and layering will occur in the home paste application.

2. Because the wall wet we don't see is the surface, some material wallpaper not breathable, moisture are closed for a long time in the wall and there is no way to spread between wallpaper, is likely to cause mildew; Breathable wallpaper can breathe naturally and dry, and, of course, it won't be musty.

After using varnish for a few days, the wallpaper on the wall will have some harmful gases that will not evaporate. Some materials are not breathable, the longer it will evaporate; The wallpaper on the breathable wall will evaporate much faster.

The breathability of wallpaper is beneficial to the health of the person of the bedroom, will not produce the feeling of holding breath and worry.

Sticky, long life: Nonwoven Fabrics wallpaper paste is strong, and non-professionals are hard to tear, and its service life is long.

The above is the Nonwoven Fabrics cloth wallpaper that the non - woven cloth manufacturers give you, hope that you can have some help with your purchase.