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What Are The Simple And Practical Techniques For Identifying The Quality Of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes?
Oct 25, 2017

What are the simple and practical techniques for identifying the quality of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes?
In recent years, with the increasing Mix-pulp Paper Wipes manufacturers in Dongguan, the various mixed pulp and paper manufacturers in order to win more customers, hit the price war, competing down the price of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, of course, while lowering the price, manufacturers must have the idea to try to reduce the mix Pulp paper costs, which for the use of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes has brought security risks, as a leader in the mixed pulp and paper industry, here to introduce a few on the quality of the method of testing Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, for your reference.
1, the amount of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes size
Mix-pulp Paper Wipes length and width, it is important, for example, a 60cm wide Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, and some factories because of reduced costs will be woven to 59cm or 58cm, and some factories to ensure that the bag can be used, the bag will be woven to the width 61cm or 62cm, we do not underestimate this 1,2cm or 0.5cm width, because this 1cm or 0.5cm, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes prices will be reduced by one or seven hundred percent, so the same 60 * 70 bags, the same Square bag weight, the factory's bags will be cheaper than other factories, so the majority of dealers order If you are very strict size requirements, you must explain, so as not to reduce unnecessary bags loss.
2, said the weight of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes
The length of the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is very important, the weight is more important, measure the weight of two kinds of calculation methods, one is the weight of a single bag, the other is the square weight, the effect of these two measures is the same, Of course, the habit of different, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes weight measurement is also different. If the weight of a Mix-pulp Paper Wipes weighs by one gram, the cost of the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is reduced by five or 1 or more, which is of great relevance to the quality of the material used for the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes. The weight of each Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is normal in the upper and lower, so if you have a higher requirement for the quality of the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, please state that the lower limit of the weight of the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes can be used.
3, the amount of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes to be sufficient
Please check the number of shipments again before each shipment so as to avoid minor or false.
4, see Mix-pulp Paper Wipes made of other details
When the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is delivered, it is necessary to strictly check the other details such as whether the film is not covered or not.
The above two are only the general way to ensure the quality of the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, the most important thing is to do five times before each shipment to ensure that: to ensure that the size of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is the size of the customer to ensure that the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes weight is Customers to set the weight, to ensure that other mixed pulp and paper details such as film, printing, etc. in line with customer requirements to ensure that the number of shipments is the number of customers set to ensure that the delivery of goods logistics is designated customer logistics.
With the growing awareness of environmental protection, environmental issues have become one of the topics of public discussion. Elimination of disposable plastic bags of environmentally friendly Mix-pulp Paper Wipes made a great contribution.
Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is only used to install some expensive clothing or gifts, and now in agriculture, industry, business and other fields are applied, it has become an indispensable part of life. Beautifully designed Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is always favored by young women. In order to meet the functional and design needs, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes used in the production process is also some complexity.
Now all day can see the people coming and going shopping, go to the market, when the grocery is also filled with mixed pulp and paper. It seems mixed pulp pulp mill is getting bigger and bigger, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is really more and more popular, more and more close to the people.