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What Are The Performance Characteristics Of Protective Clothing
Nov 27, 2018

1. Protective medical protective clothing can block liquid (water, blood, alcohol), microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, etc.) and particulate matter effectively, so as not to contaminate clothes and human body. The ability of medical protective clothing to prevent bacterial penetration is the key to the performance of protective clothing. Water repellency is used to indirectly express its shielding performance in experiments. GB/T4744-1997 "Hydrostatic Pressure Measurement of Water Resistance of Textile Fabrics" was used to test the moisture permeability of medical protective clothing and the water-staining grade of protective clothing. Some protective clothing also required that the alcohol resistance standard of IST80.6-95 should be up to 10 levels.

2. Comfort refers to the degree of comfort of wearing medical protective clothing, which is expressed by softness and loose water-proof moisture absorption. It is mainly embodied in the permeability, vapor penetration, drape type, quality and thickness, electrostatic performance, color, reflectivity, odor, skin sensitization and finished product processing design and sewing.

3. Compared with other protective clothing, medical protective clothing with physical properties not only has basic breaking ability, bursting and tearing ability, but also has puncture resistance and wear resistance, which ensures cleanliness and reduces the harm caused by flocculation. It meets the requirements of GB19082-2003 "Technical Requirements for Medical Disposable Protective Clothing". It has no skin allergy, sensitization, oral poisoning, etc. It can be based on GB/T16886-2000 "Biological Evaluation and Detection of Medical Devices".


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