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What Are The Effects Of Sorbents?
Jun 26, 2017

What are the effects of Sorbents?
In the chemical production activities, the use of various types of polymer materials is indispensable, different structures of polymer materials have different characteristics, have different roles. Today, we come together to see the role of Sorbents in the chemical production activities to play what role, which is the purchase of polymer materials are concerned about, we hope that the introduction of our help, the following and Xiaobian to understand Under it!
    What are the effects of Sorbents?
    Transition metal, especially those with suitable oxidation-reduction potential of the trivalent or multi-valent transition metal (Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni) has a strong role in promoting the oxidation of fat is called co-oxidants. So it is necessary to avoid the incorporation of these ions, but because of the presence of soil or processing of container pollution and other reasons, food often contain these ions. Usually in the vegetable oil to add adsorbent, while adding some acidic substances, can significantly improve the antioxidant effect, these acidic substances called antioxidant synergist. Such as citric acid, phosphoric acid, ascorbic acid, etc., is generally believed that these acidic substances can promote the oxidation of trace metal ions to form chelates, which play a role in the conversion of metal ions.
In the previous introduction, I believe we have a simple familiar with the adsorbent, but in many of the polymer materials, we understand it is not comprehensive. For the use of its considerations, the use of the characteristics, we are not too understanding, the following we will learn about it with the use of considerations and the use of features, I hope you read the following article can be harvested!

    Adsorbent selection precautions

    Different antioxidants in the same kind of oil is not the same antioxidant effect, the antioxidant effect to play a synergistic effect of different Sorbents and the use of synergist for the best. In addition, the Sorbents also exhibit different antioxidant effects in different oils. The effect of TBHQ is significantly superior to other antioxidants in vegetable oils.

    Characteristics of adsorbent BHT

    1, adsorbent BHT, can inhibit or delay the oxidation of plastic or rubber degradation and prolong the service life. The same time as the above-

    2, the adsorbent BHT can inhibit copper damage, and anti-ozone and wax and can prevent climate of various factors on the vulcanized rubber damage This product is easy to disperse in the rubber, the adsorbent BHT can be directly mixed with rubber or as a dispersion by adding latex Rubber, dairy products and daily use, medical and health, adhesive tape, rubber and food products, and the adsorbent BHT can also be used as a synthetic rubber for post-processing and Stored stabilizer.