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What Are The Advantages Of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes?
Aug 14, 2017

What are the advantages of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes?
Do you know what are the advantages of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes? Xiaobian below to come for everyone to tell us.
1. Soft: Mix-pulp Paper Wipes from the fine fiber composition (2-3D) light-like hot-melt bonding molding. Finished softness moderate, with a sense of comfort. 2. Water, breathable: polypropylene slices do not absorb water, moisture content of zero, finished water good, from 100% fiber composition with porous, good ventilation, easy to keep the fabric dry, easy to wash.
3. Non-toxic, non-irritating: mixed pulp and paper products used in line with FDA food grade raw materials production, excluding other chemical composition, stable performance, non-toxic, no smell, do not stimulate the skin.
4. Light: the polypropylene resin as the main production of raw materials, the proportion of only 0.9, only three-fifths of cotton, with fluffy, feel good. 5. Antimicrobial, anti-chemical agents: Polypropylene is a chemical blunt material, not moth, and can isolate the existence of bacteria and insects within the erosion of bacteria; antibacterial, alkali corrosion, the product does not affect the intensity due to erosion.
6. Antibacterial. Mix-pulp Paper Wipes products with water, not mold, and can isolate the existence of bacteria within the liquid and insect erosion, not mildew. 7. Good physical properties. From polypropylene spinning directly paved into a hot bond, the strength of the product is better than the general staple fiber products, the strength of non-directional, vertical and horizontal intensity similar.
8. In terms of environmental protection, most of the raw materials used in the current Mix-pulp Paper Wipes are polypropylene, while the raw material of plastic bags is polyethylene, although the two substances are similar in name, but the chemical structure is very different. Polyethylene chemical structure has a very strong stability, very difficult to degrade, so the plastic bags need 300 years to break down; and polypropylene chemical structure is not strong, the molecular chain is easy to break, which can be effectively degraded , And in the non-toxic form into the next cycle of the environment, a Mix-pulp Paper Wipes shopping bags in 90 days can be completely decomposed.
The contents of the advantages of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes Xiaobian first introduced to you here. I am all the staff of the company to truth-seeking, innovation, pioneering and enterprising spirit, and constantly strengthen the modern management of enterprises to promote scientific and technological progress, while the introduction of domestic and foreign new equipment, new technology, improve product quality testing means, and continuously improve product quality, Paper product quality safe and reliable, praised by the majority of users.
Vigorously explore the mixed pulp and paper for raw materials. Development of products, improve product quality and performance, vigorously explore the special raw materials is mixed paper pulp cross-century development of technological progress in an important task. In the mixed pulp and paper special raw materials supporting the development of a major breakthrough, to change the development of raw materials lags behind the development of the situation, in the variety to meet the needs of non-woven product development and upgrading, focusing on the development of high value-added industry mix Pulp fiber required for differentiated chemical fiber, special non-woven products required for functional fibers, suitable for spinning into the network production and melt blown process of high melt index polymer chips and so on. (Including coating, composite, molded adhesive) and special finishing auxiliaries for the development of industrial Mix-pulp Paper Wipes for the development of fiber and sliced raw materials for the purpose of forming scale production capacity. Make full use of the advantages of mixed pulp and paper technology, development and utilization of China's rich fiber resources, such as a variety of natural fibers (cotton, hemp feet, brown silk, coconut silk, etc.), attention to green recycled cellulose fiber production technology development and application.