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The Present Situation Of Nonwoven Fabrics Industry
Jul 24, 2017

The present situation of Nonwoven Fabrics industry

(1) Nonwoven Fabrics industry life cycle. Through the market of Nonwoven Fabrics industry growth rate, demand growth, product varieties, the number of competitors, barriers to entry and exit barriers, technical change, such as user purchase behavior to industry's stage of development;

(2) balance of supply and demand of Nonwoven Fabrics industry market. Through the supply situation, demand situation and the situation of import and export situation of the Nonwoven Fabrics fabric industry, the supply and demand balance of the industry is analyzed, so as to grasp the saturation degree of the industry market.

(3) competition pattern of Nonwoven Fabrics. Through to the Nonwoven Fabrics industry suppliers bargaining power, buyers bargaining ability, potential competitors into ability, ability to substitute for replacement, now the competitive power of industry competitors analysis, master decided to industry profit level of five forces;

(4) Nonwoven Fabrics industry economy operation. Mainly for data analysis, including the number of competitive enterprises, workers, Nonwoven Fabrics industry gross value of industrial output, sales value, value, finished goods, total sales revenue, profits, assets, liabilities, industry growth ability, profit ability, debt paying ability, operation ability.

(5) Nonwoven Fabrics industry market competition principal enterprise. Including products, business status, financial position, competitive strategy, market share, competitiveness analysis, etc.

(6) investment and financing and merger and acquisition analysis. Including investment and financing project analysis, m&a analysis, investment area, investment return, investment structure, etc.

(7) Nonwoven Fabrics industry marketing. Including marketing concept, marketing model, marketing strategy, channel structure, product strategy, etc.

In our country, automobile filter is used for more than ten years. Although the domestic supporting use is the automobile filter, the most of the Nonwoven Fabrics have been produced in the country, but so far, there is no domestic automobile filter to use Nonwoven Fabrics technology standard. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the standard of Nonwoven Fabrics technology for automobile filter.

The design of Nonwoven Fabrics fabric standard for vehicle filters can be used to fill the blank of Nonwoven Fabrics fabric of domestic filter, establish the rules to be followed by the manufacturers, and establish a stable order. To improve economic efficiency, promote the rapid promotion and application of new technologies and scientific research results, promote technological progress, and promote the development of vehicle filter industry.

This standard air filter with Nonwoven Fabrics fabric production enterprise in our country from the key problems of the product performance, take independent innovation and introduction of the principle of paying equal attention to actively, combined with the characteristics of Nonwoven Fabrics fabric production enterprise production, according to the appearance of the product, technical requirements, size deviation, etc., put forward the empty filter with Nonwoven Fabrics fabric production enterprise special requirements; In this paper, the test method of Nonwoven Fabrics fabric of air filter is put forward based on the method of Nonwoven Fabrics fabric and filter paper. Regulations and signs, packaging, transport and storage are also provided. The aim is to improve the quality of Nonwoven Fabrics fabric of air filter in China, guarantee the product quality of the filter and improve the market competitiveness of air filter.

Editor's note can be coated with most nonwoven fabric without pretreatment, but some of them must be prepared before coating. The Nonwoven Fabrics fabric of polyamide and dacron fibers can often be coated directly and used as a cover cloth for outdoor protection, but under some conditions, the coating must be washed and heat-shaped before coating.

At present, there are many methods and equipment for coating Nonwoven Fabrics. Choose what kind of processing method or equipment to a great extent, on the basis of coated fabric in the end the purpose and requirements, as well as the properties of the coating agent, and give attention to two or morethings Nonwoven Fabrics base fabric physical and mechanical performance, of course, also consider the processing process of the economy. Due to the different coating methods can produce different shear force to coating agent, press of Nonwoven Fabrics produced penetration are also different, so the selection of coating method will affect the appearance of the coating, thickness, bond strength and optical properties, etc.