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Several Major Links Affecting The Progress Of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes
Aug 24, 2017

Several Major Links Affecting the Progress of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes
China's mixed pulp and paper manufacturers technology is mainly reflected in the progress of these three aspects: mixed pulp and paper for raw materials, technology and equipment and high value-added upgrading of product development, while a wide range of products and industrial Mix-pulp Paper Wipes products Center, the organization of differentiated fiber and deep processing, finishing and copying processing technology and equipment development and supporting.
1, to strengthen the technology research, improve the level of domestic equipment. Mixed pulp and paper industry to combine the industry's technological progress and product structure adjustment fill fill gaps; continue to organize scientific research, manufacturing, production departments to coordinate research, development of national conditions for the mixed pulp and paper equipment. Focus on the development of sets of dry mixed pulp and paper equipment and spinning into network equipment, the appropriate development of wet, spunlace, meltblown method to strengthen the basic research on various types of technology to improve the compatibility of pulp and paper equipment, , Standardization and the level of mechanical and electrical integration, in 2012 to form a relatively reasonable technical structure, suitable for China's national conditions of mixed pulp processing system to provide the necessary technical support. This year should still be appropriate to introduce high technical intensity, at this stage of the domestic lack of domestic or difficult to domestic technology and equipment, at the same time pay attention to the introduction of the corresponding technology to narrow the technological gap with advanced countries. To prevent the introduction of low levels of duplication, from the policy to be guaranteed, and to strengthen the introduction of digestion, absorption and innovation work.
2, adjust the product structure, focusing on the development of industrial non-woven new materials. China should be the development of durable Mix-pulp Paper Wipes products, while continuing to develop with disposable products. The development and application of disposable products should pay attention to the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development strategy. Product development goals, one is to actively replace the traditional textiles; the second is to play the technical characteristics of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, and actively develop the performance is better than traditional textiles or traditional textiles can not meet the requirements of non-woven products; The upgrading of large-scale products and the development of high value-added industrial supplies, through the raw materials, processing technology, finishing the best combination of technology to enrich and develop Mix-pulp Paper Wipes products to improve the technological content of products and added value, 4, focus on the development of industrial Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, geotextiles, filter materials, insulation materials, composite materials, agricultural fabrics and medical and health materials.
3, vigorously explore the mixed pulp and paper for raw materials. Development of products, improve product quality and performance, vigorously explore the special raw materials is mixed paper pulp cross-century development of technological progress in an important task. In the mixed pulp and paper special raw materials supporting the development of a major breakthrough, to change the development of raw materials lags behind the development of the situation, in the variety to meet the needs of non-woven product development and upgrading, focusing on the development of high value-added industry mix Pulp fiber required for differentiated chemical fiber, special non-woven products required for functional fibers, suitable for spinning into the network production and melt blown process of high melt index polymer chips and so on. (Including coating, composite, molded adhesive) and special finishing auxiliaries for the development of industrial Mix-pulp Paper Wipes for the development of fiber and sliced raw materials for the purpose of forming scale production capacity. Make full use of the advantages of mixed pulp and paper technology, development and utilization of China's rich fiber resources, such as a variety of natural fibers (cotton, hemp feet, brown silk, coconut silk, etc.), attention to green recycled cellulose fiber production technology development and application.
"Plastic limit order" message, a lot of consumer areas of business began to find a plastic bag can replace the product. Cotton bags, paper bags because it is not waterproof, was thrown out of the "plastic" ranks, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, nylon cloth made of reusable "green shopping bags", has become the focus of business favored.
In the first quarter of 2008, the total investment in the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes industry was RMB8.669 billion, an increase of 174.78% over the same period of last year. The total output of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes reached 161,800 tons, an increase of 34.09% over the same period of last year. One of the largest output of the provinces and cities in Zhejiang Province, the output of 40,800 tons.
With environmentally friendly shopping bags made of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes standards to reach 50 grams / per square meter or more. And the higher the number of grams per square meter, the better the quality of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes. A A4 paper size of the simple Mix-pulp Paper Wipes shopping bags, the cost of more than 1 yuan, while the supermarket selling environmentally friendly shopping bags are 3 yuan to 5 yuan range. Business profits in this area is very impressive. Therefore, despite the cost of mixed pulp and paper shopping bags much higher than the plastic bags, mixed paper pulp paper orders and sales began to soar.