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Selection Principle Of Absorbents
Jun 25, 2018

The selection principle of Absorbents

(1) the absorbent has good selectivity and absorption capacity for the absorbed components in the mixed gas.

(2) saturation positive pressure is depressed to reduce volatilization loss and avoid absorption of liquid components into gas phase, resulting in waste and new dyeing.

(3) high boiling point, high thermal stability and no foaming.

(4) glaze is small, it can improve the flow condition of absorption tower, improve the absorption rate, reduce the power consumption of the pump and reduce the resistance.

(5) high chemical stability, low corrosion, non-toxic and non combustible.

(6) cheap, readily available, easy to desorb, regenerated or produced rich liquids are easy to be used comprehensively. It is difficult for any absorbent to meet the requirements at the same time. In fact, it is possible to weigh all factors according to the object and purpose of the treatment.