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Overcome Technical Challenges To Eradicate Through Industrial Chain Development
Jul 19, 2016

The "Thirteen-Five" period, China will continue to promote the development of aerospace, defense, further widening the highway infrastructure construction such as railways, ports and water conservancy, comprehensive environmental management projects, and constantly improve people's living standards and health and old-age security, industrial textile industry will bring a huge market space. Therefore, the next 5 years, depth of China's industrial textile industry will enter a stage of development, assume the burden of fields interface integration, how to do enterprise development planning, has been the topic of most concern in the industry.

Said Li Shen, President of China industrial textiles Association, the "Thirteen-Five" period, industrial textile industries in technological innovation and industrial upgrading application breakthroughs and industry convergence key layout on two aspects. With the continuous progress of high performance fiber, bio-fiber technology, and its three-dimensional molding technology and nano, information, integration, and textile-based functional materials application and multifunctional composite materials processing technologies and raising the level of and industries will rise to new heights. Meanwhile, industrial textile needs diversity and characteristics of small quantities needed and downstream industry to break the barriers of market segmentation, form design, product development, marketing and engineering services for the integration of new value chains, creating industry-wide collaborative innovation Alliance, a combination of production, teaching and research in industrial technology innovation. Industries of the future increase in variety, quality, brand structural reform on the supply side, it is necessary to "make" as the breakthrough to improve system quality and efficiency.