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Nonwoven Fabrics Production Process Quality Inspection
Jun 19, 2017

Nonwoven Fabrics production process quality inspection
 1. check the role of

   Check is the most basic role of non-woven quality inspection. Through the quality inspection checks, pick out the quality of substandard products to ensure quality is absolutely necessary. Of course, with the improvement of production technology and management work, can reduce the workload of inspection, but the inspection work can not be canceled and replaced. In our factory non-woven production process, through the quality inspection, the implementation of strict checks, so that substandard raw materials do not put into production, substandard semi-finished products do not reverse order, substandard products are not manufactured, Wall change when the key, the problem eliminated in the bud, to ensure excellent product quality, colleagues this kind of benign will also reduce and avoid the cost of failure.

2. Preventive effects

   Quality inspection not only plays a key role, but also plays a preventive role, which is the difference between modern quality inspection and traditional quality inspection. Broadly speaking, whether it is manufacturing or other industries, the next process is always on the road process customers, with the social supply and demand as the internal business should also be done to ensure that the company to ensure that their customers to any raw materials (products) Must be qualified, the only way to be able to effectively prevent the next process of the production of substandard products, so from the raw materials and purchased parts of the factory inspection, inspection of the previous process, the production process and the next production process, are Played a preventive role.

   If the process capacity is insufficient or the production process is abnormal, it will take timely technical measures to improve the process capability, eliminate the abnormal state of the production process and prevent the occurrence of substandard products. Practice has proved that the preventive effect of this test is very effective. And then, before a batch of products put into operation, a shift began processing a number of products, or when the equipment to repair or adjust the production began, the first test should be carried out; in the finished product production, but also regular or irregular On the production of products to conduct a thorough investigation (that is, inspection), found the problem in a timely manner to take measures to solve the occurrence of substandard products.

3. Report the role

   The role of reporting is the role of information feedback. In order to make the managers at all levels grasp the quality of the production process, evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of the quality system to make the right quality decision, the quality inspection department must test the results (especially the calculated indicators), with the report Form, feedback to the leadership and the relevant management in order to make the right evaluation and decision making. It is important to note that the various reports are accurate and effective, and it is necessary to ensure their timeliness, since most production lines are continuously produced, and if the report is not timely, it will bring a huge loss, because from the production line sampling knife left Oxygen results of the whole process, the production line will not stop, so to choose the priorities, in the shortest possible time will be accurate test report to the production line of the person in charge, to reduce the process of testing the time blind spot.

Improve the role

   Give full play to the quality inspection and prevention of the key is the quality of quality inspection to participate in quality improvement work, which is the quality inspection department Caiyu improve product quality activities of the specific embodiment. Quality inspection personnel in the management of the design, process, inspection and operation of the combination of high-quality improvement, to speed up the pace of quality improvement, and achieved good quality management effect is very necessary. Improvement is the need for continuity, no matter what kind of improvement need to continue to collect evidence, and constantly improve, in a strong technical force to do backing, but also to play its important role, will continue to improve, not only to meet customer requirements to customers Satisfaction, but also to the ultimate quality of products to achieve the quality of the product over, creating the largest value-added products.