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Nonwoven Fabrics Masterbatch In Use Should Pay Attention To Matters
Oct 16, 2017

Nonwoven Fabrics masterbatch in use should pay attention to matters
Nonwoven Fabrics color masterbatch refers to the super-constant pigment attached to the resin and made of aggregates, is a new type of polymer material for the colorants, pigments, carriers and additives composed of three basic elements , Its color strength is higher than the pigment itself.
Nonwoven Fabrics color masterbatch in the use of attention to what? Here are a few brief introduction:
1. Demand is very stable use of Nonwoven Fabrics color masterbatch color to reach the required color;
2. should pay attention to the choice of color masterbatch dilution ratio, in general, the choice of high dilution than the production cost is relatively low, but by the processing equipment constraints;
3. Nonwoven Fabrics color masterbatch when used with other additives will be the reaction;
4. Nonwoven Fabrics color masterbatch in the storage after a period of time will absorb moisture, so after the appearance of moisture absorption, according to the same grain of the same technology for boring disposal, so as to reach the demand for water content.
Nonwoven Fabrics color quality is the main quality of color products, the success of the computer color system to achieve the realization of the color assessment of the quantitative. We measured by L, C, H, △ L, △ C, △ H, △ E or L, a, and other optical indicators correct response to the color difference. We can use quantitative means to quantitatively assess the stability of raw and auxiliary materials for product quality supply protection Nonwoven Fabrics , optimize the supplier, control the purchase channels, but we need to emphasize that the computer color is only a means to achieve the final product quality and scale management , Nonwoven Fabrics The final result still need to judge the human eye, sure.
Color database construction, the measurement database stored in the computer for a long time, at any time for the "computer color" supply services. When you need to measure a sample, the sample will be allowed to scan the computer, the computer can automatically set the color of the database for different combinations and then calculate the color of each group of three stimulated values, and with the sample three stimulus The value of one by one combination, is bound to increase the calculation of time, so the general Nonwoven Fabrics color is designed to have 3 to 5 kinds of coloring agent (except for the base white) constitute a recipe combination, and familiar with the principle of color matching operator through the hard disk input, It shortens the application time of the computer. Computer color of the staff need to be sure of the skills and experience, the ability to quickly give the instrument formula, Nonwoven Fabrics which will have a different color difference and different costs for the operator selection.
Computer color instrument recipe modification program is also designed according to the above principles, thinking of a variety of factors caused by the color difference, Nonwoven Fabrics color instrument can be prepared by the computer formula or experience to modify the pigment, the semi-prepared pigment Colorants and pigments in the database corresponding to the colorants were compared and calculated. On the basis of the original formula, add some colorants to increase the amount of color through the display screen to modify the color reflection curve and the standard color reflection curve overlap to always increase or decrease the type and amount of colorants, Nonwoven Fabrics the two reflection curves as close as possible to overlap, Get the reference formula for adjusting the color difference.
Nonwovens to do the soft and hard, is in the production process by controlling the temperature to achieve. The temperature is higher than the material is relatively hard, the temperature hit the low out of the material will feel more soft.
Soft material feel very soft close to the real knitted fabric, fabric toughness is not easy to tear strong tear, because the fabric after the soft feel will be relatively thin. Hard material is the most common method of nonwovens manufacturers,
As the fabric to do the same weight after the fabric of the fabric feel more thick than expected, many bad nonwovens manufacturers to use this to cut corners, it is because of this reason most manufacturers like to do hard material, Hengli Nonwoven Fabrics Factory completely according to customer requirements control Nonwoven Fabrics feel.