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Nonwoven Fabrics And Clean Cloth The Word Difference, Vary Widely
Aug 24, 2017

Nonwoven Fabrics and clean cloth the word difference, vary widely
Nonwoven Fabrics and clean cloth is only the difference between the words, what kind of contact between them and the difference between it? Guangdong Nonwoven Fabrics manufacturers to remind immediately announced! Nonwoven Fabrics, also known as Nonwoven Fabrics, because of the appearance of cloth and some performance and called the cloth. Is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with water repellent, breathable, flexible, non-combustion, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors and so on. Nonwoven Fabrics if placed in the outdoor by natural decomposition, the longest life of only 90 days, placed in the room within 5 years of decomposition, burning non-toxic, tasteless, and without any legacy material, which does not pollute the environment, suitable for washing.
It utilizes high-profile slices, short fibers or filaments to form new fiber products with a soft, breathable and planar structure formed by a variety of web forming methods and consolidation techniques. It has a plastic products do not have the environmental performance, its natural degradation time is much lower than the plastic bags, therefore, made of Nonwoven Fabrics Nonwoven Fabrics bags are also recognized as the most economical and environmentally friendly shopping bags.
Clean cloth made of 100% polyester fiber double woven, the surface is soft, easy to wipe the sensitive surface, the friction does not escape fiber, with good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Product cleaning and packaging are completed in the ultra-clean workshop.
Clean cloth optional Edge are generally: cold cutting, laser edge, ultrasonic edge. Ultra-fine fiber clean cloth with 100% continuous polyester fiber double woven fabric surface is soft, available, the use of ultra-fine fiber In the wipe sensitive surface, the production of low dust and friction does not escape fiber, a good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Particularly suitable for clean clean workshop.
Clean cloth, clean cloth, ultra-fine fiber clean cloth, ultra-fine fiber wiping cloth edge is the most advanced cutting edge machine edge, wiping will not leave the particles and thread, decontamination ability.
From the above description, Nonwoven Fabrics and clean cloth in terms of both from the production process, or raw materials or uses are not the same, they are two completely different products, so when the purchase should pay attention to distinguish Oh!
Nonwoven Fabrics is also known as Nonwoven Fabrics, is a different from the traditional cloth fabric, which is composed of the way, there is no latitude and longitude, and therefore no hook silk, hanging wire and other troubles, in life, In many areas have been widely used.
One bag inside the bag
The Nonwoven Fabrics bags as a bag inside the bag is now a very common trend, because we tend to place a lot of debris in the bag, if the use of ordinary fabrics as lining, then most likely to be Some sharp or hook items damaged, and Nonwoven Fabricss do not have this trouble.
Second, work uniforms
A lot of fine Nonwoven Fabrics are directly used to produce some work uniforms, such as aprons, anti-dirty jacket, etc., because this fabric is relatively strong, and the cost is low, so very suitable for some of the loss Work clothes use, get a lot of industry favorite.
Third, dust jacket
Now people in the daily life of more and more electrical appliances, and these machines if you do not use long-term, dust is a big problem, Nonwoven Fabrics are often used to make these dust jacket, such as air conditioning dust cover, computer anti Dust cover, washing machine dust cover, etc., have a very light and practical effect.
In addition, Nonwoven Fabrics in many areas have a variety of important features.