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Mix-pulp Paper Wipes Using Technique Household Cleaning
Jul 04, 2017

Mix-pulp Paper Wipes using technique household cleaning

Mix-pulp Paper Wipes can not only be used for packaging paper pulp paper, waterproof rolls Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, agricultural mulch paper, but also can be used to clean the room. For energy-saving emission reduction into our daily life, enjoy low carbon life, mixed pulp mill home to introduce today a simple energy saving life tips - clean home with mixed pulp paper.

Use Mix-pulp Paper Wipes to clean the floor to have many advantages, like the broken hair on the floor is very troublesome, wipe with towel although relatively clean, but clean towel again becomes a problem. Once the towel is not cleaned thoroughly, there is a bad smell in the air. After using Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, dust and hair can not only clean up once in a while, but also save water, and the floor is not covered with musty smell.

It's also a good idea to clean a screen window with a mixed paper pulp. Qingdao meitai mixed pulp paper co., LTD., to use the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes to wipe the screen window to seize the moment, the next small rain is the most appropriate. At this time the screen will be wet, wipe gently a few times, you will find the dust was firmly adsorbed on the surface of mixed pulp of paper, and then rinse wipe again after mixed pulp of paper, can make the screen look brand-new.

Mixed paper pulp is the most common green material in our lives, and have you ever wondered how they were made when using them? Let me introduce you today:

The parts of the screen printing plate of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes can be printed on the printing plate. Chocked up with the rest of the mesh plate, not through the ink, the blank is formed on the substrates, supported by screen, the screen tension on the net box, and then coated photosensitive glue on the net, form plate film, then Yang figure line blank or print on the version of the film, the exposure. Enhancement, on the plate is not to be a part of the ink formed by light curing version of the film, will seal a mesh, opaque ink printing, plate need to have the ink on the part of the mesh is not closed, when printing ink through the black mark formed on the substrates.

General printing can only be on the plane, the printing and screen printing not only in the plane, can also in special shape on the type of material and the concave and convex surface printing, but also can print all kinds of super large posters, wiser, curtain. The ink thickness of screen printing can be up to 30 ~ 100 mu m, so the covering power of ink is especially strong, which can be printed in pure white on all black paper. The ink layer of screen printing is thick, the printing of the image is strong, it is other printing methods cannot be compared.

Nowadays, environmental protection has become the theme of the era, and the mixed paper bag industry has mushroomed into the market of packaging bags and advertising gifts. Mixed pulp paper mainly produced material is mixed pulp paper, mixed pulp of paper is a kind of nonwoven fabric, it directly using polymer slice, through a variety of short fibers or filament fabric forming method and consolidation technology has soft, breathable and plane structure of new fiber products. Today I'm here to help you answer the question of how to clean the paper bag?

1. First, the paper bags can be washed, but they can't be washed in a washing machine or rubbed hard. Only gently rub the hands together, then rinse.

When cleaning, it is recommended that you do the best with hand washing, and you can't use a brush, the paper bag will be very easy to start with, and it will be ugly.

3. If you want to clean quickly, you should choose a soft brush, gently rub it with your hands, then brush the whole brush with a soft brush. It must be light because the mixed paper pulp is easy to break.

4. Mix-pulp Paper Wipes Immersion method. Mixed pulp paper bags with cold water or warm detergent blisters first ten to twenty minutes, time is too long, because of the mixed pulp of paper materials easily decomposed by water immersion time long, please do not use containing bleach or fluorescent washing supplies, prevent fade mixed pulp paper bag.

5. After cleaning, the paper bag of the mixed paper pulp will be cleaned first. It is better to dry, dry and dry quickly, and keep the temperature at a lower temperature when drying and drying. Or remove the excess water and place the whole flat in a cool, ventilated area.

6. Mix-pulp Paper Wipes Consumers need to remind you that when you mixed pulp paper bag of choose and buy, had better choose the thickness is bigger bag, although began to spend a little money, but in the cleaning process in the future, you will become easier.