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Microfiber Cloth
Jan 05, 2018

Microfiber Cloth

(1). Microfiber Cloth INTRODUCTION

Because of the fineness of Micro fiber, the stiffness of the filament is greatly reduced, make the fabric feel extremely soft, fiber fine also can increase the layer structure of silk, increase specific surface area and capillary effect, make the fiber internal reflection light distribute more delicate on the surface, make it have the elegant luster of pure silk, and have good hygroscopicity and disperses wet sex. Using superfine fiber as clothing, comfortable, beautiful, warm, breathable, has a better drape and fullness, in the hydrophobic and anti-fouling has also been significantly improved, the use of large specific surface area and soft characteristics can be designed to different structures to absorb the sun heat energy or faster loss of temperature to the winter warm summer cool role.


(2). Performance and Characteristics

The fineness of 0.4μm in diameter is only 1/10 of silk. Warp knitted towel fabric made from imported loom, its surface character is uniform, compact, soft, high elastic fine Velvet Group, has extremely strong decontamination, water absorption energy. No damage to the polished surface, no common cilia shedding cotton fabric, easy to wash, durable, compared with traditional cotton towel, microfiber towel has 6 main features:

High water absorption: microfiber adopts orange flap technology to divide filament into eight flaps, which makes the fiber surface area increase, the pore of fabric increases, and the suction effect is enhanced by capillary core suction effect. Rapid water absorption and rapid drying become its significant characteristics.

1, Strong decontamination force: the diameter of the micro-fiber fineness is only 1/10 of silk, its special cross section can more effectively capture small to several microns of dust particles, decontamination, 0.4μm effect is very obvious.

2, do not hair removal: high-strength composite filament, not easy to break, at the same time using fine knitting method, do not ladder, do not take off the ring, fiber is not easy from the surface of the towel off. Use it as a cleaning towel, wipe the car towel is particularly suitable for wiping the bright paint surface, electroplating surface, glass, instrumentation and LCD screen, in the automotive film process to clean the glass, can achieve a very ideal foil film effect.

3, Long life: Due to the strength of superfine fiber, toughness is strong, so its service life is more than 4 times times the life of ordinary towels, many times after washing is still invariance, at the same time, polymer fiber will not be like cotton fiber to produce protein hydrolysis, even after the use does not dry, will not moldy, rotten, with super long life.

4, easy to clean: the use of ordinary towels, especially natural fiber towels, will be rubbed surface dust, grease, dirt, etc. directly absorbed into the fiber, after the use of the remaining in the fiber, not easy to clear, with a long time will even become hard to lose elasticity, affect the use. and microfiber towel is the dirt adsorbed in between the fibers (rather than the inside of the fiber), coupled with high fiber size, density, so strong adsorption capacity, use only with water or a little detergent cleaning.

5, do not fade: dyeing process using TF-215, etc. for superfine fiber materials, its slow dyeing, dyeing, high temperature dispersion, color extinction indicators have reached the strict standard of export international market, especially the advantages of not fading, so that it in the cleaning of the goods surface will not bring the problem of decolorization pollution.


(3) Cleaning Methods

Wash with laundry detergent or with warm water and detergent. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. The use of bleach will shorten the service life of microfiber cleaning towel. Do not use Softener. The softener leaves a layer of film on the surface of the superfine fiber. Will seriously affect the effect of wiping. and other clothing with washing machine washing or drying, pay attention to, because the microfiber fabric will absorb the soft clothing surface, and affect the use of the effect. To dry in air or at low temperature. Do not iron and expose.


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