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Innovation And Promote Sales Of The Big Enterprises Show Your Fist
Jul 19, 2016

It is undeniable that domestic textiles industry with innovative drive and efficiency-led model of economic development is gradually taking shape, industrial textiles in performance, cost, lightweight, sustainable development and other advantages are quickly highlighted. However, in the course of development, China's industrial textile industry still faces low industrial concentration resulting in lack of original innovation ability, industrial capacity is not strong supply and demand converge not perfect quality, brand, fill the short Board still needs to accelerate, and so on. Despite the scale of China's industrial textile industry's leading global, an internationally influential and competitive advantage of enterprises is still low. Part of the industrial fabric applications market is still difficult industry chain downstream voice and recognition are also to be improved.

The past two years, market weakness in external demand, many companies said foreign trade market is not easy to do, the company's business declined. But export business accounted for the company's overall sales exceeded 2/3 Zhejiang jinda membrane technology limited, has maintained a good development results. Jinda membrane is the leading industrial textile industry enterprises, is this an important exhibitor of CINTE. Sales Manager Lu Huimin said market continues to change at home and abroad, product application requirements are subject to change, to compete in waves surging wave took hold, companies must adapt to the market, rather than let the market to adapt. "Active participation in the industry's professional exhibition mining potential clients of the company are an important way to CINTE is one of the company's most valued professional exhibitions. CINTE as most professional exhibition of domestic industrial textile field, customer orientation is accurate and signed every CINTE customers directly on site. This exhibition, companies will also carry industrial coated fabrics, warp knitted geosynthetics and advertisement printing material 3 core products shown in Shanghai. "Lu Huimin said.