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Industrial Wipe Paper Features
Apr 13, 2018

   The wiping paper is made of long-fiber wood pulp or non-woven material, which is economical, sanitary, and of stable quality. The inventory does not occupy space and has strong absorption. It does not damage the surface of the object, does not cause hair chipping, and does not generate static electricity.

1、Excellent dust removal effect of industrial wiping paper, with anti-static function;

2, industrial wipe paper efficient water absorption;

3, industrial wipe paper soft will not damage the surface of the object;

4, industrial wipes paper sufficient dry and wet strength;

5, industrial wipe paper ion release is low;

6, industrial wipe paper is not easy to cause chemical reactions.

7, industrial wipe paper optional edge: ultrasonic, laser, cold cutting. Scope of application: semiconductor assembly, aerospace manufacturing and maintenance, laboratory, electronics industry, computer assembly, optical instrument manufacturing, LCD liquid crystal display, precision instruments, optical products, aerospace industry, and circuit board production lines, etc.; applicable to non-semiconductor industry, Electronic industry production of 10 -10000 purification plant.


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