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Cleaning cloth features and characteristics
Apr 13, 2018

Can remove dust, mold, germs, oil, watermark, soot. The cleaning cloth has the properties of good water absorption, no chipping, and washing resistance. It does not contain any chemical or pharmaceutical ingredients and can remove dust, perspiration, stains and is widely used in household cleaning.

1,Cleaning cloth especially suitable for families, restaurants, hospitals, schools or food processing establishments for sanitary cleaning.

2. Cleaning clothis made of pure natural fiber. It is chemical-free, non-toxic, tasteless, mildew-free, safe and sanitary and protects family health.

3.Cleaning cloth unique decontamination mesh layer, can easily remove greasy, stains.

4. Cleaning cloth the product is soft, water absorbent, wipe without traces, does not hurt the surface of the object.

5. Cleaning cloth effect is unique, no need to add washing detergent.


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