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Industrial Scale Nearly Trillion-dollar Cluster Competitive Race
Jul 19, 2016

The "Twelve-Five" period, China's industrial textile industry in order to meet people's needs, protection of the ecological environment, and improve the quality of infrastructure, promote development of related industries, and enhance national defense strength and comprehensive national strength has made an important contribution. Industries success mainly in 3 areas. One is the growing size of, significant quality and efficiency gains. To the end of 2015, China's industrial textile industry the same caliber near trillion yuan in industrial output value; industry have model cluster 13, total size of more than 150 billion yuan. Second, major breakthroughs in key technologies, ability to innovate and constantly improve. Rapid development of the third focus area, and market breadth depth go hand in hand.

Has just been awarded the "China city nets" Huimin, Shandong binzhou also developed rapidly in recent years. SME Office Deputy Director Zheng Zhaomin, Huimin, in 2015, all kinds of wire mesh production to reach 1 million tons, Huimin, the sales revenue of 10 billion yuan, profits of 1 billion yuan, annual sales revenue of 6 billion enterprise. By 2020, Huimin enterprises above the designated size will exceed 100, and all kinds of wire mesh weaving machines up to 5000 units (sets), total, main business revenue, profits and taxes reached 2 million tons, 2 billion yuan, 20 billion yuan. Zheng Zhaomin, benefiting not only one rope industry support policies soon, will also help local enterprises to understand the rope industry the latest developments at home and abroad. To be held in Shanghai on October 12-14th "2016 China International exhibition on industrial textiles and non-woven fabric", the Government will organize local companies in Shanghai Exhibition.