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How To Use The High Quality Mix-pulp Paper Wipes
Sep 14, 2017

How to use the high quality Mix-pulp Paper Wipes
 Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is an indispensable daily necessities for everyday life and is the closest "intimate" item to the human body. So choose a good Mix-pulp Paper Wipes related to each of us's physical health. However, the quality of the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes on the market is uneven. As a consumer how to distinguish Mix-pulp Paper Wipes the merits of it?
 First, look at the product packaging, whether to indicate the health permit number and site, zip code, contact phone, with or without inspection certificate, with or without safety signs, with or without product composition table.
    Second, look color, Ze pure wood pulp paper should be no additives, the color is natural ivory white, not dazzling white; there is a relatively uniform texture, rather than smooth as a mirror.
    Again, look at the results of the burning, pure wood pulp Mix-pulp Paper Wipes after burning ashes are white, and. No Grilled Residues, Poor Mix-pulp Paper Wipes After burning ashes are black and have grease residue.
    Finally, look at the fluorescent lamp under the reaction, pure wood pulp Mix-pulp Paper Wipes placed under the fluorescent color unchanged, and poor quality Mix-pulp Paper Wipes attached to the fluorescein, the fluorescent display is blue.
Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is the daily necessities we are familiar with, the health of each of us is healthy, every day, everyone is inseparable from the paper, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is healthy, is the most concerned about each consumer problem.
Mix-pulp Paper Wipes health or not, the first most critical step is the selection of paper pulp raw materials, by the impact of market price rules, and now the market Mix-pulp Paper Wipes recycling paper recycling use of the phenomenon is obvious, because of its price Cheap, and full of the market, damage to a lot of unknown on the health of consumers, in fact, strictly speaking, this recycled pulp is not allowed to process Mix-pulp Paper Wipes; the reason is because the pulp material source is very wide, even Including used sanitary napkins, newspapers and other waste paper, after the recovery of bleached by some small processing plants or black dens illegal manufacturing, and finally flow to the market. This behavior is disgrace, more angry, to remind consumers for their own health, should refuse to buy such Mix-pulp Paper Wipes.
So what kind of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is healthy and safe?
The appearance of loose, uneven texture, and even irregular holes (for the eyes and ears, usually after embossing); feel rough, or too creamy (add talcum powder); color is too white or stained, hand tear with dust off, packaging Rough or unknown. These are poor quality Mix-pulp Paper Wipes. In addition, there are a number of small brands on the market Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, although the packaging of raw materials for the 100% wood pulp, in fact only about 30% of the pulp and recycled pulp mixed with the quality improvement, but still not Consumers' health options. Consumers in the choice must be considered quality and reliable quality brand.
In addition to raw materials, but also concerned about the important second step, that is, physical and chemical indicators. Many consumers buy Mix-pulp Paper Wipes blind pursuit of the brand, the pursuit of delicate, white or fragrance, etc., and ignore what we really need is its use value and our own health, do not know, it is these speculation Selling points hidden in the murderous. Some manufacturers want to cater to consumers like, at the excessive use or add industrial raw materials, so that Mix-pulp Paper Wipes with this should not have the characteristics.
In the daily life can not be separated from the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, then the use of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes what, the following by our factory for everyone to introduce a brief, hoping to help you to help.
Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is also one of the indispensable species of the people. In order to make the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes soft, it is usually mechanically used to make the paper wrinkles increase the softness of the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes. There are many raw materials for making Mix-pulp Paper Wipes. Commonly used are cotton pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp and waste paper pulp. Mix-pulp Paper Wipes requires no sizing, if the production of colored Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, to join the configuration of the pigment.
Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is characterized by strong water absorption, low bacterial content, soft paper, uniform thickness, no holes, wrinkled uniform, consistent color, with less impurities. Such as the production of small volumes of double-mix-pulp Paper Wipes should also be punched pitch uniform, pinhole clear, easy to break, neat. Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is mainly used for people's daily hygiene purposes, so in the paper peer-term is often called Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, is one of the indispensable people in the life of the paper.



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