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Honored Three Towns In The West Of South China Sea Medical Nonwovens Industry
Jul 19, 2016

Attention of the three towns of the Western South China Sea, and the new trade incentives forthcoming. Nanhai district economic and technology promotion Council recently published on medical nonwovens industry development support and incentives, but objects of Jiujiang, Xiqiao, danzao three businesses. 6 large range of reward items up to 20 million Yuan.

Several days ago, Nanhai district, Foshan City, promoting health with non-woven fabric and related industry development support and incentives (draft) for public comment. What is a medical nonwovens? In fact, it is used for production and processing of medical, health, personal care, cleaning and protection products and special non-woven fabric industry and its associated upstream and downstream industries.

The way objects that support and reward, is in China for medical nonwovens product demonstration bases belong, Jiujiang town, Xiqiao town, danzao town, three towns, and the enterprise. Also wide range of rewards, including fixed asset investment, leasing land from the construction plant or lease existing buildings, enterprises bigger and stronger, independent innovation and brand promotion, technology and human resources and financing aspects of different levels of rewards and support.