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Future Trends In The Nonwovens Industry
Mar 18, 2018

    First of all, the industry has great room for development. On the one hand, China’s economy has grown rapidly, and residents’ incomes have continued to increase. The demand for non-woven fabrics has not been fully released. For example, the market for sanitary napkins and baby diapers is very broad. The annual demand is in the hundreds of thousands of tons, and hot-rolled fabrics are used extensively. The market for SMS, airlaid fabrics, airlaid fabrics, filter materials, insulation cloths, geotextiles, and medical cloths are all large and will grow.

    On the other hand, the per capita non-woven fabrics in China have only 2.97 kilograms, and the per capita possession of textile fibers in China is 26.89 kilograms. This shows that there is still much room for non-woven fabrics to develop.

    Second, it is expected that the future non-woven industry will become more concentrated. New production capacity is more likely to be concentrated in existing production areas such as Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, and Jiangsu. These areas have already begun to take shape, and companies are basically able to consciously abide by the national pollutant discharge regulations and save the cost of state supervision and management. Therefore, the “Matthew effect” of the strong and constant strong in the industry will become more apparent.

    Third, the transformation of the nonwoven fabric industry is imperative. With the continuous emergence of new technologies, the function of non-woven fabrics has been continuously improved, and the future development of non-woven fabrics has come from continuous infiltration into other fields such as new industries and automobiles; at the same time, the elimination of backward and old equipment and the production of functionalized , differentiated, diversified world-class non-woven products, and to enter the depth of production, deep processing of products to form a product diversification, to meet market demand.

     On the whole, the current non-woven fabrics have gradually become a new industry in the domestic market. Although the production of non-woven fabrics in China has experienced rapid development, the economy is still growing, and people's needs are increasing. Non-woven fabric manufacturers should develop a broader market, develop and produce first-class equipment, and produce more high-quality products. , high-standard, high-grade products, so that the non-woven industry further development.


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