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Failure Of Paper Wiper And Air Leakage Treatment
Aug 03, 2017

Failure of Paper Wiper and air leakage treatment

In the road, when the electric Paper Wiper is required to be used in the thunderstorm, the necessary emergency treatment is needed to ensure the safety of the driving.

1) check and clear the leaves, branches and insects around the scraping arm. In winter, you should pay attention to whether the moving parts, such as water scraping arm and scraping water, are frozen in ice and snow.

2) check whether the rubber wipers on the wiper are damaged and graze the windscreen. If the rubber wiper has been damaged, replace it. There are three fixed ways of shaving. It is not difficult to disassemble.

3) if only one side of the scraping arm does not move, then the fixed nut at the end of the scraping arm is loose, only to open the cover of the fixed nut and tighten the fixed nut.

4) if the two sides are not moving, it may be that the fuse of the Paper Wiper is broken and should be checked.

On the road, if the air core leak, can do the emergency treatment as follows:

1) the gas cap on the mouth of the valve is made of metal and can be made in a suitable rubber gasket (the diameter of the rubber gasket is slightly larger than the inner diameter of the valve nozzle). Its method is: use a diameter suitable thin tube piece, such as pen sleeve, the shell and so on in the rubber to make up, such making the leather cushion better; If there is no thin pipe piece, also can use scissors to cut out rubber mat. After the rubber gasket is made, plug it in the air cap, then tighten the valve cap and use the book test.

2) find a rubber tube with a slightly larger diameter than the valve copper rod and tie it at one end with a thin metal wire. The other is tied to a metal copper rod and tightly tied with a thin wire. After the cell is filled up, it can be used with water test without leakage.

1. Removal and inspection of the Paper Wiper motor

Removal and inspection of the Paper Wiper motor. Loosen the mounting bolts of the Paper Wiper motor, then remove the Paper Wiper motor parts; Remove the connecting rod and motor parts, then remove the connecting rod. Note: due to the Angle of installation of the crank arm and motor, it has been adjusted well before delivery, so don't take them apart when necessary. If you need to open it, make sure to mark it before you open it.

Check the Paper Wiper motor. After taking off the electrical wiring connector, check the Paper Wiper motor in the condition that the motor is still installed in the car. The Paper Wiper motor runs and installs at LOW (LOW) speed and HIGH (HIGH) speed, as shown in the diagram to connect the battery to the Paper Wiper motor, making the motor operate at LOW speed and HIGH speed. To check the motor of the Paper Wiper motor in the stop position, operate the Paper Wiper motor at low speed and remove the battery to stop the motor from running. Reconnect the battery as shown in the figure to confirm whether the motor starts to stop at the automatic stop after running at low speed.

Inspection of Paper Wipers and scrubber switches. Disconnect the switch connector and check the conductance between the switch connections.

Check the intermittent action of the intermittent Paper Wiper relay. Connect the connector of the good column switch and place the ignition switch in ACC position. When the Paper Wiper switch is switched to INT position, check the interval time of the Paper Wiper movement, about 3-6s.

2. Check the motor of the scrubber

Inspection of the scrubber motor. The washer motor is in the state of the washing liquid box, and the water is injected into the box. When the battery is connected as shown in the figure, check whether the water is ejected forcefully. The movement condition of the left and right Paper Wiper arm is different, so the identification mark should be recognized when installing. Place the Paper Wiper in the prescribed position. Its standard value is (A) : 25-35mm; (B) 35-45 mm.

After the Paper Wiper, the function of the scrubber. Connect the "+" terminal of the voltmeter to terminal 2, "-" terminal 7. Connect the "+" of the battery to the terminal 4, 8, the "-" of the battery to the terminal 7, check if there is a battery voltage.

The rear intermittent Paper Wiper function check. Connect the "+" terminal of the voltmeter to terminal 2, "-" terminal 7. Connect the "+" of the battery to the terminal 4, 5, the "-" of the battery to the terminal 7, check whether the battery voltage is every 8s.