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Different Types Of Cleanwipe
Apr 01, 2018

Different types of cleanwipe

     Different types of cleanwipe:

     First, glued clean wipes (VICELL)

    Second, heat and clean wipes (ZORBCOR)

    Third, comprehensive clean wipes (VIZORB)

     The difference between the three types of dustless paper

1. Glued and dustless paper is formed by binding latex fibers after the air-laid fluff pulp fibers;

2. The heat-sealable and non-dusting paper is a mixed forming of fluff pulp and hot-melt fibers, and the fibers are mainly bonded by melting of the heat-melting fibers;

3. integrated dustless paper is bounded between the two, both hot-melt fiber bonding, there is a small amount of latex bonding.

     However, in fact, heat-sealless paper must also be surface-blown (similar to surface sizing) to finish the surface. The heat-bonded, non-dusting paper has superior properties in terms of bulkiness, wet and dry tensile strength, softness, and liquid-absorbing properties as compared with the conventional glued clean paper.

     Dustless paper applications: semiconductor production lines, microelectronics production, LCD display, LCD display, circuit board production, PCB products, screen printing, laboratory clean room production line.


1, as a daily cleaning of the wet system made of universal wipes

2. High humidity in both dry and wet conditions

3, anti-acid, anti-numerical chemical reagents

4, low dust and static electricity can effectively control the amount of static electricity generated

5, can be used multiple times

6. It is economical and clean. It is the most widely used wiper in the electronics industry.


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