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Cutting Modes Of Clean Wipe
Feb 18, 2018

1. Do not seal (cold cut)

Scrub clean cloth is mainly cut directly by electric scissors, such cutting edge is easy to produce hair debris, and after cutting can not do clean processing, wiping process, the edge will produce a certain amount of cloth debris, no cleanliness. Recommended high-end wipe.

2. Laser cutting

The laser instantaneous high temperature melt off, the edge is better not to produce hair loss debris phenomenon, the net can be done after cutting and cleaning and other clean treatment, so that the product to achieve a higher dust-free standard. The disadvantage is that the edge is melt So it will be a bit hard, pay attention to the point in the wiping process generally no problem, the market is 75% of the use of such edge banding.

3. Ultrasonic sealing

Vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibration unit group (vibrator) (to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy), through the HORN (welding head) to transfer heat through the cutter to squeeze a broken material, this edge sealing is the current dust-free cutting method The perfect one

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