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China's Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Is Facing A Double Change
Aug 14, 2017

China's Nonwoven Fabrics industry is facing a double change
It is no exaggeration to say that the level of development of industrial textiles has become an important indicator of the comprehensive strength of a country's textile industry. The economic benefits of the domestic textile industry have continued to improve during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, and the technological progress has achieved remarkable results, and gradually become a diversified high-tech industry across many fields.
Nonwoven Fabrics materials as an important branch of industrial textiles, its production, variety, use are further expanded, the new functional fiber in the field of Nonwoven Fabrics materials are also used to broaden the field. This point, recently held in the "China International Nonwovens Materials Exhibition and high-end forum" has been confirmed. Can be dispersible Nonwoven Fabrics materials, biodegradable synthetic fiber, chitosan and other high-performance fiber, polyester spunbond Nonwoven Fabrics, high efficiency and low resistance acupuncture filter material development and application for the industry for "Made in China" Nonwovens products confidence doubled. Exhibitors exhibits no longer stick to the upstream enterprises to display raw materials products, mid-range enterprises show the middle processing products, more outstanding companies choose to raw materials - in the road - the terminal together to display a complete industrial chain products. From a number of different areas of business executives said that the "one-stop" model of business negotiations so that customers experience a sense of straight up. In addition, a number of domestic leading enterprises to participate, but also to the show more in the industry have the right to speak.
However, despite the domestic nonwovens industry has made considerable progress, but in order to really have a strong market control, still have a long way to go.
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Consumer Goods Division Director Cao Xuejun held in the same period the Fourth China International Conference on Nonwoven Fabrics, said the "three five" period, the development of Nonwoven Fabrics industry to pay attention to four aspects: To strengthen the construction of enterprises as the main body of innovation; the second is to demand-oriented, the development of high-end products and technology; third is to strengthen the quality of the focus of the two depth of integration; Fourth, enhance service capabilities, extend the industrial chain construction, Right to speak.
China Industry Textile Industry Association, said Li Ling Shen, China's Nonwoven Fabrics industry is facing the development model and growth momentum of the double change, will rely on investment-driven to a comprehensive innovation drive model, from the scale of expansion to rely on technological progress to achieve quality Enhance the pursuit of rapid growth from the pursuit of economic growth, environmental friendliness, staff development and fair competition in the sustainable development model. "Thirteen Five" period, China's Nonwoven Fabrics industry, the focus of the task will focus on strengthening the industry's public service platform to promote energy-saving emission reduction in the development of circular economy two aspects.
What is the role of nonwovens in sound-absorbing panels? Sound-absorbing panels of good sound-absorbing effect, inseparable from the Nonwoven Fabrics credit, Nonwoven Fabrics materials with different quality, affecting the sound-absorbing effect of sound-absorbing panels. Of course, this and sound-absorbing board prices have a certain relationship. So how much do you know about nonwovens? Xiaobian today for everyone to explain the Nonwoven Fabrics, interested friends can understand about.
What is the choice of Nonwoven Fabrics?
1, the role of Nonwoven Fabrics for the sound-absorbing board is very large, Nonwoven Fabrics directly affect the quality of sound-absorbing panels. So now the big brand in the process of making sound-absorbing panels, the requirements of Nonwoven Fabrics will be very strict. Friends in the selection of sound-absorbing panels, must not only determine the price by the product, first-class first-class goods, under the day there is no free lunch Oh;
2, in addition to price reference, the sound-absorbing panels in all aspects of the test certificate, as well as all aspects of material selection, are you want to consider the key. Nonwoven Fabrics with the performance of water and fire, but also for the safety of consumers played a very good protection.
Overall, the choice of Nonwoven Fabrics is very critical, affecting the late sound-absorbing effect and all aspects of performance.