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Characteristics And Application Of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes
Sep 06, 2017

Characteristics and Application of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes
   Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is an environmentally friendly green new fiber materials, widely used in various fields. As a result of the use of natural plant fiber non-woven process and more tensile, more environmentally friendly, non-moldy yellow, good permeability is the main substrate of high-quality wallpaper. Products with light weight, soft, drape and durability, high shrinkage performance at high temperatures, easy to shape, sewing and molding, can be washed and dried and so on.
   Its use of a wide range of applications, such as medical and health cloth: surgical clothing, protective clothing, etc .; home decoration with cloth, such as stickers, tablecloths, sheets, etc .; there are industrial fabrics, like some insulating materials, Packaging belt, are Mix-pulp Paper Wipes used in the important areas. Agricultural cloth will also use a large number of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, such as crop protection cloth, irrigation cloth. In addition, there are some areas also on the production of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes demand, such as space cotton, insulation materials, suction felt, smoke filter and so on.
     Mix-pulp Paper Wipes has become our daily production and living equipment commonly used in Mix-pulp Paper Wipes production process, often encounter a variety of problems, such as abnormal fiber. Polyester cotton during the production period because of the former spinning or post-spinning conditions, it will inevitably lead to some abnormal fibers, especially the use of recycled chips produced recycled cotton, more prone to abnormal fibers; abnormal fiber outsole can be divided into the following types:
    a, a single rough: the extension of incomplete fiber, this fiber is likely to cause abnormal dyeing, no need to dye the impact of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes less, but for the artificial leather fabric for the needle or acupuncture cloth Serious impact.
    b, and silk: after stretching there are two or three fibers above the stick together, this fiber is likely to cause abnormal dyeing, no need to dye the Mix-pulp Paper Wipes less impact, but for the artificial leather fabric cloth Or acupuncture cloth has a serious impact.
    c, gelatinous: extended during the breakage or wrapped wire, so that the fiber did not extend the formation of hard cotton, this product can be divided into a colloidal, two rubbery, three-like gelatinous and so on. This abnormal fiber after the carding project, often deposited in the fabric above the formation of poor cotton mesh or broken network and other issues, such raw materials for most of the mixed pulp and paper products will cause serious quality defects.
    d, oil-free cotton: during the extension period because the traffic is not smooth during the car caused no oil on the fiber, this fiber is usually dry feel, in addition to the mixed pulp and paper production process to produce static electricity, but also caused semi-finished products in the finishing problem The
    e, the above four kinds of abnormal fibers, single coarse and silk more difficult to mix pulp paper during the production to be removed, jelly and oil-free cotton as long as the production staff can pay attention to a little attention to reduce product quality defects.
 There are many types of Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, such as mixed pulp pulp for greenhouses, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes for handbags, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes for garments, Mix-pulp Paper Wipes for acupuncture, etc. In vegetable greenhouses, Liao Mian Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, also known as coated paper pulp, it is in the greenhouse insulation is how to use?
    Vegetable Greenhouse insulation is essential for the cultivation of vegetable greenhouses insulation equipment. Mix-pulp Paper Wipes in the greenhouse insulation is the main role is to play the role of insulation, which is fabric and other traditional fabric can not be compared. Because this Mix-pulp Paper Wipes thickness and insulation performance than the other Mix-pulp Paper Wipes products more excellent, has been the majority of farmers friends favorite, to the present, this Mix-pulp Paper Wipes is not only in the vegetable greenhouses were widely used in insulation , And is also used in road maintenance Mix-pulp Paper Wipes, lamination Mix-pulp Paper Wipes and coated pulp paper.