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2018 Japan Non-woven exhibition
Nov 23, 2017

Date:June 6(Wed.) to 8(Fri.), 2018

VenueTokyo Big Sight, East Hall 1.2.3
Organized byAsia Nonwoven Fabrics Association (ANFA)/All Nippon Nonwovens Association(ANNA)


ANEX returns to Tokyo in 2018! ANEX only takes place once every three years. ANEX2018 is one of the three 

largest nonwovens exhibitions in the world, equivalent to its counterparts IDEA, organized by INDA in the United 

States and, INDEX, organized by EDANA in Europe.

Non-woven fabric industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The innovation in nonwovens field is

 growing rapidly, which in turn promotes the demand for nonwoven products and puts forward the application function 

and quality improvement of Non-woven fabrics in various industries.


The Asia non-woven exhibition 2018 and symposium will provide a platform for promoting business development 

and the latest frontier technology in the field of artificial materials development. The exhibition will bring together

 suppliers, manufacturers, machinery and equipment providers, service providers and all other people involved in 

the industry.


2018 Japan Non-woven exhibition _ Exhibits range:

Raw materials and accessories: polymers, chemical fibres, special fibres, adhesives, foam materials, paints,

 additives, masterbatch; nonwoven production equipment: non-woven equipment and production line, finishing

 equipment, deep-processing equipment, auxiliary equipment and instruments;

Nonwovens and Deep-processing Products: geotextile, building fabrics, automotive fabrics, agricultural fabrics,

 synthetic leather cloth filter materials, building materials, electrical insulating materials, environmental protection 

supplies, paper, blankets, medical and health supplies, decorative supplies, clothing supplies, shoes, household 

goods, other multi-functional non-woven fabric;

Nonwovens and deep-processing technology and equipment, instruments: dry papermaking, sewing, thermal 

bonding and other non-woven equipment, production lines, women's sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult 

diapers,masks, surgical clothing, molding masks and other deep-processing equipment, passers-by, laminated, 

static-imposed (Electret), electrostatic flocking, molding, packaging machinery, fiber carding and into the net , 

chemical bonding, acupuncture, spunlace, spunbonded, melt spraying and so on.

JEENOR,as one of the largest spunlace non woven fabric and Meltblown non woven fabric factory in China, will be 

there to show our high quality products. ANEX is the only Asian event where the leaders of the non wovens industry 

from different countries meet in Asia. We look forward to meet you there!