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The Future Of Automotive Paper Wiper Is Getting Better
Jun 09, 2017

The future of automotive Paper Wiperis getting better

The car has now been widely into the homes of ordinary people, due to the improvement of living standards, the car is not in the past seems to be out of reach of luxury. Increased domestic water production has led to an increase in car sales. , Because of the national, the car is a daily necessities of life, so there is a car car on their own car care, especially the appearance of the car, in order to love the wind and rain, sun and rain, People come up with a way to hood on the protective cover, with a cloth or film to protect the car came in, so the car came into being, the initial car hood are mostly processed with raincoats, the cost is very expensive, car paper This problem can be solved effectively after the wiper has appeared.

  Paper Wiper in the anti-noise advantages: because the paper wiper has a porous feature, so its anti-noise at the same time will not affect the air circulation, so it is in the car chassis audio accessories than the polyurethane foam information more advantages The The advantage of the paper wiper material is that it has the functionality of hydrophilic and lipophilic materials. Paper Wiper can supply all the information needed for the automotive industry, and do not need the final finishing process.
  Germany soloer company paper wiper production of mud, it can be placed in the bottom of the wheel wells, to reduce the road gravel hit the car noise. Paper Wiper have been chosen to maintain their vehicles as well as noise reduction aspects.
  Paper wiper material with light, environmentally friendly features. The United States Sandler company in the past five years or even ten years has been the attention from the car interior embellishment information transferred to the car inside and outside the anti-noise products, and has been proven paper wiper material can provide a variety of features combination. The head of the company believes that Paper Wiper excellent multi-functional features for the original equipment manufacturers to open a new situation, providing more able and space. "It is one of the obvious effects of the combination of conventional fiber Paper Wiper that are commonly used to reduce the weight of the hand-absorbent paper wiper," he said.
 Although some paper wiper manufacturers have not yet fully turned to the production of recyclable vehicle products, but experts believe that the next few years this will be the trend. Recyclability is not only beneficial to the car, because the demand for high-fluffy, non-adhesive pure polyester Paper Wiper will increase, while also providing a safer paper wiper production process. Whether car manufacturers or paper wiper manufacturers are constantly adjusted to adapt themselves to the changes in the automotive industry, both R & D activities did not show any signs of slowing down.
Laminating Paper Wiper are from the beginning of 2011 into the packaging industry, a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials, the current wide range of applications in the home textiles, tobacco, cosmetics, environmental protection bags, brand clothing, jewelry, gifts, album, decorative supplies, etc. Industry focus on packaging materials. The following is the use of covered paper wiper Note:

   1, to follow the factory instructions or the use of manuals, each manufacturer's membrane paper wiper quality may be different, the use of life may be different, the use of methods is different.
   2, the daily maintenance is essential, the appropriate maintenance can extend the service life of the product.
   3, Laminating paper wiper is not equal to the greenhouse insulation is, they are two different products, from the insulation properties and thickness have a very big difference, do not go into the misunderstanding to bring you economic losses.

  In the past we used in the greenhouse cultivation is more insulation, and some similar to our cold places in the cold, the insulation may be the effect of insulation can not reach the ideal point, and the cover paper wiper can So that plastic film and paper wiper better integration, insulation and longer life.



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