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Nonwoven Fabrics Construction Method And Precautions
Jun 09, 2017

Nonwoven Fabrics construction method and precautions
Non-woven wallpaper is also called non-woven paper wallpaper is a high-grade wallpaper / wallpaper, due to the use of natural plant fiber non-woven technology made more tensile, more environmentally friendly, not moldy yellow, good ventilation is the main high-quality wallpaper Substrate.
Non-woven wallpaper stickers:
1, wall treatment
The walls require smooth, clean, dry, uniform color, should be no gaps, convex and concave inequality defects, the construction of the wall before the brush base film (or varnish) to deal with.
2, wallpaper cut
According to the wall number of the wallpaper will be set, measure the height of the wall, according to the height of the wall up and down the reserved 5 cm to cut the wallpaper, remember to cut a roll of wallpaper, to prevent quality problems.
3, brush the wallpaper glue
Paste non-woven wallpaper glue must be evenly brush on the wall, the thickness of 2mm can be, not directly in the glue on the back of the non-woven, but not soaked in water wet paste. Nonwovens and other wallpaper, should be thicker than other wallpaper, thick, so that the decline in mobility.
4, posted wallpaper
Do not post the nonwoven wallpaper in a good order.
5, construction wallpaper cut
Need to take the edge of the construction, the specific method is to take the side of the construction, take the number of according to the flower type, about 3 cm or so, plain non-woven fabric in the construction of the use of positive and negative method of construction, To ensure that the pattern alignment, in the overlap with a straight ruler to suppress, cut, try to avoid cutting at the corners, so as not to cause the corner of the wall Alice, in the cutting to ensure that cutting knife sharp, , While paying attention to the strength of the knife, to ensure that a cut, knife cut off, but not too much to hurt the surface of the wall.
6, wallpaper paste after cleaning
After the construction, if the surface of the dust, the application of short brush or duster light, not wet towel wiping caused pollution expansion.
Posted non-woven wallpaper Note:
1, the construction of dry coating in the base coating, the vertical line as a standard, so as not to paste the wallpaper location is not correct.
2, wallpaper, wall can not use hard scraper or nylon brush, should use a soft brush from top to bottom light scraping, the non-woven surface scratched, remove the bubbles, wrinkles, do not scrap the glue to avoid contamination Surface, if inadvertently squeeze the glue, and immediately wipe clean with a dry towel, the construction as much as possible to keep his hands clean.
3, the construction should be side of the construction side inspection, found the problem immediately stop construction, find out the reasons and solutions and then construction.



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