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2016 China International Exhibition On Industrial Textiles And Nonwovens Forward
Jul 19, 2016

In recent years, the textile industry has maintained rapid development of domestic industries. Early textiles used in many areas of national defence industry, has developed into products covered by the health care, environmental protection, geotechnical construction, transportation, security guards, forestry and fishing and other livelihood areas and sophisticated field of integrated industries such as aerospace.

Today, industrial textile industry textile industry development is not only a measure of a country's comprehensive strength important signs, also became an important national strategic industry components and across many fields of the diversified high-tech industry, the vast majority of practitioners maintain a high degree of confidence and enthusiasm. In this context, increasing their visibility and expand market influence, cultivate outstanding clients such as function of China industrial textiles and nonwovens exhibition (CINTE), no doubt for the majority of industrial textile enterprises to provide a "display, keep going" high quality stage.