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JW50 All-purpose Cleaning Cloth ︱ Viscose And Polyester Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric ︱ Household Wipes

Description: Features: ♦This wipes are made from special open weave cloth. The double action holes enable to easily pick up dirt and food particles and allow for the cloth to be hygienically rinsed for use over and over again. ♦This wipes are color fastness, strong and durable, soft and supple,...
Product Details:


Product Name

Wave Line Nonwoven Cleaning Fabric


Viscose/Rayon Polyester/PET (ratio can be customized)

Fabric Lapping

Cross lapping, Parallel lapping

Fabric Type

Plain/Smooth, Mesh (22 mesh, 18mesh, 13mesh, 10mesh and so on)


white, blue, green, pink, red, orange, yellow, etc.


Wave line printed, Fish-scale printed, Mesh dyed



Converted product

1. perforated roll

2. cut in sheet,folded (All the size can be customized)

Folding Method

Z fold, C fold, W fold, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4 (Quarter Fold),

1/6, 1/8 fold.(Can be customized)


1,000 KGS per style per color

Production Lead

30-45days after receiving the deposit


♦This wipes are made from special open weave cloth. The double action holes enable to easily pick up dirt and food particles and allow for the cloth to be hygienically rinsed for use over and over again.

♦This wipes are color fastness, strong and durable, soft and supple, low lint, highly absorbent, silicone free, easy and comfortable to use, hygiene.

♦Effectively picks up dirt and dust.

♦Washes easily, inexpensive enough to treat as a disposable


♦The wipes are great for washing up, cleaning kitchen appliances,                               

♦The wipes can be used around the bathroom, laundry and even on the car. 

♦The wipes can be used such places, kitchen, catering, hotel, restaurants, food processing industry, janitorial application and fast food shop.

♦Surface treatment combining with the solvent.

♦Cleaning the rough surface."


CodeDescriptionSingle Size(mm)ColorCASE CONTENTSCarton Measures(cm)
JW5045WY22BW-1-300500-130SR-6Small Roll300x500All white130sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5045WY22BP-1-300500-130SR-6Small Roll300x500Pink Wave130sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5045WY22BY-1-300500-130SR-6Small Roll300x500Yellow Wave130sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5045WY22BB-1-300500-130SR-6Small Roll300x500Blue Wave130sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5045WY22BG-1-300500-130SR-6Small Roll300x500Green Wave130sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5060WY22BW-1-300500-90SR-6Small Roll300x500All white90sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5060WY22BP-1-300500-90SR-6Small Roll300x500Pink Wave90sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5060WY22BY-1-300500-90SR-6Small Roll300x500Yellow Wave90sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5060WY22BB-1-300500-90SR-6Small Roll300x500Blue Wave90sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5060WY22BG-1-300500-90SR-6Small Roll300x500Green Wave90sheets/roll*6rolls/carton50*34*32cm
JW5045WY22BW-1-300600-25QF-14Quarter Fold300x600All white25sheets/bag*14bags/carton31.5*34*25
JW5045WY22BP-1-300600-25QF-14Quarter Fold300x600Pink Wave25sheets/bag*14bags/carton31.5*34*25
JW5045WY22BY-1-300600-25QF-14Quarter Fold300x600Yellow Wave25sheets/bag*14bags/carton31.5*34*25
JW5045WY22BB-1-300600-25QF-14Quarter Fold300x600Blue Wave25sheets/bag*14bags/carton31.5*34*25
JW5045WY22BG-1-300600-25QF-14Quarter Fold300x600Green Wave25sheets/bag*14bags/carton31.5*34*25
JW5040WY20BW-1-300335-100NC-10NC Fold300x335All white100Sheets/box*10boxes/carton75.5*25*34

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Our Services:

1. 10 years’ experience of manufacturing and trading non-woven fabric and related Cleaning products.

2. Providing Testing and Certificates as required

3. Offering OEM and ODM

4. Offering 6 months’ quality assurance.

5.Design solving solution from getting one inquiry by professional consultant team.

6. Timely reply—receiving email will answer not exceed 2 hour in our working time (9:00 am-18:00 pm), in non-working time promising not exceed 8 hours.


Q: If we are interested in your products, can we go to visit your factory to know more about you please?

A: Of course! Welcome to visit our factory, we will show you the production line, our office, and our traditional life in China. Just one thing, please inform us your route at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can make a perfect journey for you.

Q: As you know, If we need a sample first, could you supply it for us please?

A: No problem, we can send you sample as your require. But please understand that we will choose the sample from our current stock, so maybe there is a little different of composition ratio or basic weight from your expectation, but it is enough for your reference. If you need us make a customized

Q: Once we confirm the sample, please can you make sure that the quality of the bulk order will be as same as the sample we confirmed?

A: Yes! The bulk order quality will keep exactly same with previous sample, please do not worry."

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